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How to find out who’s behind a number with Phone Registry


If you have ever been sent a creepy text message or received a suspicious phone call, you would probably want to find out who it is.

Especially  if you are in a situation like this:

Hopefully you aren’t in Cindy’s shoes but in case you are, Phone Registry is a reverse phone number look-up database.  You enter in the phone you want to look up and it searches through its databases to pull up all relevant information about the phone number.  The information is pulled from databases containing over 1 billion records from over 90% of US residents.

What it Offers

Every phone number search will bring back the following information:

  • - Name registered to the number
  • - Address
  • - Criminal records
  • - Date of birth

This service

The service also works both ways, you could also search names for their phone numbers.  This service is extremely useful and well worth the money.  Not to mention its simplicity, its as easy to use as it sounds.

You can see what a free search will get you:


See what members receive:



  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very fast
  • Accurate up to date information
  • Good price


This service does exactly what it says without any headache.  When I registered my account I was searching numbers in literally minutes.  The numbers I tested all had accurate information.  I really cannot find anything to complain which is fantastic.  I would definitely recommend this service to anyone in need of looking up phone numbers.

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